Puffin Tour - Drangey Island

Puffin Tour - Drangey Island

Duration: 3 hours / Difficulty: Moderate

A puffin tour is a must-do attraction in Skagafjörður!

A boat trip to Drangey is an adventure in itself, the island being a pearl of nature in the middle of Skagafjörður. The island is a sheer sided palagonite rock approx. 180m high and provides a wonderful view over the whole fjord.
Drangey island is a bird paradise. The island is a nesting colony for thousands of sea-birds, including puffins, guillemots, gannets, kittiwakes, fulmar, shearwaters along with ravens and gyrfalcons.
The crew that takes us to Drangey is a tight knitted family, offering personal service and guided tours.

Enjoy nature in all it´s beauty and experience Drangey island in all it´s splendour!

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